Deschutes River Hatch Survey Update


One of the more troubling changes anglers observed when surface water from Lake Billy Chinook began being released into the lower Deschutes River in late 2009 was a noticeable drop in the number of adult aquatic insects emerging from the river. Most major insect hatches like net-spinning caddis hatches in July, or the June hatches of Pale Morning Dun mayflies, and even the iconic Golden Stone and Salmonfly hatches, were emerging at different times of the year and in what appeared to be much lower numbers. To help document this change the DRA developed a phone app so guides could record the timing and abundance of insect hatches they observed while on the river. Past reports of those results are available on the DRA's website.

This year we had a new updated Deschutes Hatch Survey app developed in cooperation with Trout Unlimited. The new app is more user friendly and we made the survey available to the public to download and use for the first time (previous years only guides reported hatch information). We want to thank all those who participated this season. At the time this newsletter went to press 170 surveys had been submitted - a new record!  A report summarizing this year’s hatch survey results will be available by the end of the year. We would love to hear from anyone with positive or negative feedback on their experience using the online survey this year. Again, thanks to all those who took the time to report hatch data! We plan to continue these surveys for many years to come.