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Bucky Buchstaber, Executive Director, Fly Fishing Collaborative

Bucky Buchstaber, Executive Director, Fly Fishing Collaborative


About Bucky Buchstaber...

Bucky Buchstaber is the founder and Executive Director of the Fly Fishing Collaborative, an international non-profit building environmentally safe and sustainable aquaponics farms for safe homes and impoverished villages around the world, as a way to prevent kids from entering human trafficking. This important work has been accomplished by establishing a global network of partners in fly fishing and beyond who give of their time and talents to help move the good cause forward.

Bucky grew up in Medford with an abusive father and an overworked mother, and in those tumultuous years found great solace exploring the Rogue River behind his grandparents house in Grants Pass. While he didn’t realize it at the time, the river had become a respite, a safe place to go when human relationships were inconsistent and insecure. He moved to Portland in 2007, and knew he had to find a new river to connect with. It only took one trip to the Deschutes for it to become his river of choice. The first time he fished “the D” was at the famed “Dizney Riffle”—he used his grandfather’s old 8’ 4st Dickerson cane rod, stepped into the pool at the bottom of the riffle, and casually cast his fly upstream. Immediately a fish gulped his fly, his line came tight, and his reel was screaming louder than she ever had before. While he has caught many more fish on the Deschutes since that day, that trout, connected to his grandfather’s old cane rod, struck a chord deep in his soul. That was the fish the river used to catch him.

In 2013, Bucky’s passions were realized as his love for kids, creative ingenuity, and entrepreneurship were combined to found Fly Fishing Collaborative. When he’s not on the river fishing with FFC collaborators or building a farm in a developing country, he’s treasuring his time with Britta, his wife of 19 years, and their four kids, Lucy, Crosby, Griffin, and George, who all share the same passion for his non-profit work.

Here’s why Bucky supports the Deschutes River Alliance:

Like many who love and frequent the Deschutes River I’ve seen unavoidable changes in recent years. You don’t have to be a biologist to notice that critically warm water temperatures and other water quality changes are causing less prolific hatches, unwelcome algae growth, and fish disease in the lower river. This is clearly a manmade problem and it will take manmade solutions to remedy. When I saw that a group of biologists, seasoned guides and passionate river activists came together to form the DRA I knew the problem had become severe, but was excited to see that much needed advocacy had begun. I’m very proud to support the DRA and stand behind its bold efforts to bring solutions to such a threatened ecosystem. It’s been very sad to see the Deschutes decline so quickly, but my great hope is that my kids will get to witness the opposite effect.

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