We use the data and analysis from our scientific research to effectively advocate for solutions to the critically important issues facing the Deschutes Basin. This has included regular meetings with agencies, NGOs, tribes, and dam operators in an attempt to guide management solutions to the ecological changes observed in the lower Deschutes River.

In July 2016 the DRA filed a Clean Water Act lawsuit against Portland General Electric, alleging hundreds of violations of the water quality certification for the Pelton Round Butte Hydroelectric Project. This certification was designed to ensure the Project's compliance with Oregon's water quality standards for criteria such as pH, temperature, and dissolved oxygen--standards that were formulated to protect aquatic life in the lower Deschutes River.


Clean Water Act Lawsuit

Continued Poor Fish Returns to the Pelton Round Butte Project

BLM Plan to Remove Lower Deschutes River Toilets

Upper Deschutes Basin Habitat Conservation Plan

low Impact Hydropower Institute (LIHI) Certification for the Pelton-Round butte Complex

Opal Springs Hydropower Water Quality Certification