• In 2013, established a water temperature-monitoring array in the lower Deschutes River, in collaboration with PGE
  • Three years (and counting) of our annual adult aquatic insect hatch survey. This survey was designed by DRA Board member and renowned aquatic entomologist Rick Hafele, to gather data on hatch timing and densities. 
  • Multiple years of benthic aquatic insect monitoring, overseen by Rick Hafele
  • A December 2013 science-planning meeting with multiple agencies and PGE. Our science plans have been a product of that meeting.
  • Two three-day (72 hour) water quality monitoring synoptics, at multiple sites on the lower Deschutes River, performed in July and August 2014. 
  • A thermal imaging study of the lower Deschutes River and the area around the three dams of the Pelton-Round Butte Complex, conducted with Quantum Spatial in 2014.
  • Two years (and counting) of algae and water quality studies on Lake Billy Chinook and the lower Deschutes River.
  • One year (and counting) of continuous water quality monitoring on the lower Deschutes River, at a location one mile below the Reregulating Dam.


  • Beginning in 2011, as the Lower Deschutes River Coalition (prior to becoming the DRA), conducted multiple meetings with Portland General Electric. These meetings included data presentations and roundtable discussions of the problems being seen in the lower river by guides and recreational users.

  • In September 2015, gathered the five conservation group signatories to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission license for the Pelton-Round Butte Complex, to discuss the problems resulting from selective water withdrawal.

  • In October 2015, appealed the Low Impact Hydropower Institute’s certification of the PRB Complex. Conditions were imposed on the certification as a result of our interventions.
  • In December 2015, along with the conservation group signatories to the PRB license, met with PGE to ask for measures to lower river temperatures when high temperatures pose a risk for fish. This request was denied.
  • In August 2016, filed a Clean Water Act lawsuit against PGE, in an attempt to enforce water quality requirements at the PRB Complex.
  • In 2017, achieved an important legal victory for clean water advocates across the country, affirming citizens’ right to enforce water quality requirements at hydroelectric projects.